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How to set this tool to connect to a CRM deployment
How to define a proxy

Toolbar features
SiteMap Toolbar features

SiteMap node actions
Working with SiteMap node
Working with Area node
Working with Group node
Working with SubArea node
Working with Descriptions node
Working with Description node
Working with Titles node
Working with Title node
Working with Privilege node

Properties panel
Working with the properties panel

Keyboard shortcut for SiteMap Treeview
Cut (CTRL+X)
Copy (CTRL+C)
Paste (CTRL+V)
Delete (CTRL+D)

How Can I change the labels of Area, Group or SubArea?
You have to add Titles/Title element to override system labels

I have added multiple Group elements with their Titles, but there are not shown in the SiteMap. What am I doing wrong?
You probably didn't tick the checkbox ShowGroups in the parent Area properties panel

I want to add a group as a profile, I ticked the checkbox "IsProfile" but the group doesn't appear in the option window.
Don't forget to add a Titles/Title element to the group

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kiwidev Jul 25, 2012 at 5:07 AM 
I had to experiment a little to connect to CRM online as the screen shots didn't quite match up with the actual tool window but once I got going I was quickly able to customize my sitemap nicely. So far I've had no major problems or issues and all seems to be working very stable.