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How to connect to CRM environments using this tool

If you already connected to a CRM deployment using my tools, you should have a list of saved connections when using my tools


If you didn’t already connect to a deployment or would like to create a new connection, just click on the button “Create new connection”. The connection dialog appears. Follow the instructions below.


To set a connection to a CRM environment, you need to fill several information:

  • A connection name : This can be whatever you want to remember where this connection points to
  • The server name :

    • For OnPremise deployment : Specify the name of the CRM server
    • For IFD deployment : Specify the hostname part of the discovery url (example: disco.mydomain.myextension)
      • You can also provide an additionnal Home Realm Url if your authentication server is not the one configured in the CRM deployment
    • For CRM Online : Specify only the common part of the url (ie. crm* ; '*' could be an empty string for North America, '4' for EMEA and '5' for Asia/Pacific)
      • If your organization uses the new OSDP authentication model (Office 365), then you should tick the checkbox “Use OSDP” (or "Use Office365"), with “Use CRM Online” still ticked.
      • If you don’t succeed to connect anymore to your online organization, update the connection properties to use the OSDP authentication model
  • The application port : Only for OnPremise/IFD deployment, if different from 80 (http) or 443 (https) <!--EndFragment-->
  • An authentication type :
    • Windows integrated authentication : The tool will use the credentials of the current logged in user
    • Custom authentication : The tool will use the credentials provided in the field "Domain", "Login" and "password"
  • Some CRM deployment properties :
    • Use SSL : check this box to indicate that the CRM deployment is secured
    • Use IFD : check this box to indicate that the CRM deployment use ADFS to perform authentication
    • Use CRM Online : check this box to indicate that the CRM deployment is a CRM Online one
    • Use OSDP : check this box to indicate that the CRM Online deployment use the new OSDP authentication model

After having filled all these information, you can click on the button "Get Orgs." to obtain the list of organization that can be selected regarding the current credentials provided.

Select an organization and click on the button "OK"

The program checks the information provided and attempt to authenticate the user against the selected organization.

Bravo! you are connected

Note: When a connection succeed, the settings are saved in a file named mscrmtools2011.config. This file can be shared across all my tools. Just put all of them in the same folder


OnPremise configuration with Windows Integrated Authentication


OnPremise configuration with custom credentials


IFD configuration


CRM Online configuration


CRM Online with OSDP


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2Smooth Jul 13, 2012 at 4:24 PM 
Using crm online I get "access denied" on get orgs when trying to connect ribbon browser.

ukdevcom Jun 20, 2012 at 11:14 AM 
For anyone trying to connect to CRM provisioned through Office 365, the discovery address the code uses is wrong - it uses dev.crm* but needs to use disco.crm* If you select IFD but your domain still ends in, the sitemap editor will use dev. regardless.

A simple work around is to use the server name disco.crm*.dynamics.COM which, because the code is case sensitive, skips the bit that forces dev. and everything works.

So, for me, my settings for 365 were:
Servername: disco.crm4.dynamics.COM
Port: blank

Domain: blank
User/Password: my 365 credentials.

Voila, it works. Hope this helps others.

tanguy92 Dec 2, 2011 at 8:51 AM 
Hi hkappel,
Yes the saved connections can be used for all tools in the same folder

hkappel Nov 23, 2011 at 10:14 AM 
Dear Tanguy, thanks for the CRM tools you provide the community!

Could you please specify if it is possible to place all your tools in the same folder, and then reuse the saved connections?

(i.e. I setup the View Replicator to work with 3 different online organisations, and then drop the SiteMap editor in the same folder (without overwriting the mscrmtools2011.config file)