Use the Save button

The Save button save the updated information about the selected SiteMap element.

Save Button

If you leave the Properties panel without having saved the updated information, a confirmation dialog appears. You have the possibility to save them directly.

Save Warning

Get information about a zone

To get information about a specific zone, focus on this zone, a help description will appear

SiteMap Editor Controls Help


Define an icon or an url

In some elements, you can define an icon and/or an url. You have to possibility:

  • Type a specific absolute or relative url
  • Select a web resource by clicking on the dedicated button

SiteMap Editor Select WebResource


Define en entity (SubArea specific)

In SubArea properties panel, you can define which entity should be added in the SiteMap.

You can :

  • Type the logical name of the entity
  • Select an entity using the entity browser button

SiteMap Editor Select Entity

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