Adding new Area to CRM2013 org in SiteMap Editor results in "UNKNOWN" label

Using the SiteMap Editor GUI to Add a New Area, Group, and Subs result in all with the label of UNKNOWN and a number which increments with each SiteMap Update from the editor. Anyone encounter thi...

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Error trying to connect to CRM 2011 Online

I am trying to use this tool for the first time and getting the following error when trying to create a connection to my Office365/CRM Online tenant. I am running this on Windows 8.1

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Error: test connection failed : The request for security token could not be satisfied because authentication failed.

Good day to who ever can assist. We installed the sitemap editor with no problems, and used it to successfully edit the sitemap for a few of our users. However when I want to now connect to the CR...

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Not Working with CRM 2011 RU 12

CodePlex Site map editor is not working with CRM 2011 RU 12. When I am trying to import the solution it's saying this version is not supported which is RU 12. Previously I was able to use this wit...

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Remote name could not be resolved

Hi, I was able to install and even connect to my on-premise deployment since it retrieved available organizations. However after that I get the attached error "Remote name could not be resolved". H...

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The provided uri did not return any service endpoints

Tanguy, Sorry to bother you, but I'm trying to connect to an on-premise deployment, from the App server. I enter the app server name in the connection dialog, and when I click on Get Orgs, I get t...

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Can't connect to CRM online

I just downloaded the latest version of the tool (1.1.2020.421) and I configured my connection like this: Use SSL --> CHECKED Use CRM Online --> CHECKED Server name --> Custom Aut...

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Getting a timestamp error authenticating to crm online

Get below pasted error (and attached screenshot) when logging into crm online. I've attached the error as well as screenshot of the authentication screen.

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Can't connect to CRM O365

Hi, I have downloaded the site editor and are trying to connect to my crm trial via O365. I have ticked OSDP as required but I receive the following error: Error while retireving organisation: I...

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Cannot login to CRM anymore

I updated the changes made through the Sitemap Editor for CRM 2011 and now we cannot login to our CRM online. I had added another area to the sitemap nothing fancy just an empty area to be filled l...

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